Council of Seniors

The Council of Seniors is a body which provides for the co-operation of Senate clubs and Senate groups on issues connected with the activity and the course of work of the Senate. The Council of Seniors consists of the Marshal, Deputy Marshals and Senators who represent Senate clubs, agreements set up for a joint representation to the Council of Seniors, as well as parliamentary clubs if they consist of at least 7 Senators.

The Council of Seniors' remit covers:
- giving opinions on the draft agendas of Senate sittings,
- giving opinions on the work schedule as well as on dates of Senate sittings,
- pointing out necessary legislative initiatives,
- considering and presenting motions on the order of the debate or the sitting of the Senate,
- examining other matters submitted by the Marshal, the Senate Presidium or representatives of clubs and agreements.

The Council of Seniors is summoned by the Marshal of the Senate, on his/her own initiative, by the Presidium of the Senate or upon the motion of a club or one of the agreements.