Lesław Paweł Podkański

Lesław Podkański

Electoral District No. 7 based in Chełm

Candidate of the Polish People's Party Election Committee

Deputy to the Second and Third Term Sejm
Member of the Fifth Term Senate

Born in 1956 in Tarnawa Mała (Lublin Province) to a peasant family.

In 1980, graduated from the Mechanical Engineering Faculty of Warsaw University of Technology. Also studied at Moscow Institute of the Gas & Oil Industry.

Began his professional career in 1980. For two years worked as chief mechanical engineer at Lubelskie Zakłady Przemysłu Skórzanego - a leather processing plant. Between 1989 and 1991, was the commercial director of UNITAL Ltd. In 1992, was a deputy department director at the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations. 1992-1993 - Deputy Minister of Foreign Economic Relations; 1993-1995 - Minister of Foreign Economic Relations.

Has been involved in the peasant movement since youth. Began his socio-political activities as member of Związek Młodzieży Wiejskiej (Rural Youth Movement). 1983-1985 - instructor in and Head of the Indoctrination Department of the United People's Party Provincial Committee in Lublin. 1986-1989 - Deputy Head of the Ideology, Press and Propaganda Department of the United People's Party Central Committee in Warsaw. 1992-1996 - member of the Polish People's Party Chief Executive Committee. Since 1992 - member of the Polish People's Party Supreme Council.

Deputy to the Sejm from 1993 to 2001. In the Second Term Sejm, headed the Foreign Economic Relations Committee and was member of the Ownership Transformation Committee, Economic Policy, Budget and Finance Committee, and Special Committee on the Examination of Legislative Proposals Relative to the Commercialization and Privatization of State-Owned Enterprises. In the Third Term Sejm, was Deputy Chairman of the National Defence Committee and member of the State Treasury, Enfranchisement and Privatization Committee.

In the Fifth Term Senate, chaired Koło Senatorów Ludowych i Niezależnych (Peasant Party and Independent Senators' Group) and was Deputy Chairman of the National Defence and Security Committee. Was member of the Emigration and Poles Abroad Committee and the Sejm and Senate Delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.

Married, has two children.

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